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Awesome  Productions

In operation since 2014 we have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of shooting in the Cayman Islands.

We've established a network of partners across the islands which we leverage to make your production most efficient.

We cater to each shoot uniquely, depending on your needs.

Services We've Offered in the Past:



Production Mgmt.


Location Mgmt

Production Mgmt.

Accounting Services


Payroll Services


Networks Our Projects Have Aired On

We have a growing regional network across Florida and the rest of the Caribbean. (Move to Cayman section)

Projects We've Worked On

Here are some feature films and commercials that we've recently provided production services for:

Over the years we've worked on an ecletic variety of productions:
Feature films, TV, Commercials, Reality TV,  and more.


Behind the Scenes photos of our gigs over the years.

The Local Community

Brought up in the financial atmosphere that dominates Cayman’s culture, this younger generation is looking to express themselves in new ways than ever before.

Your production directly impacts the Caymanian youth by giving them the opportunity to work on a professional production and will help continue to build the local film industry.

Throughout the years we’ve hired hundreds of locals on our productions. Many of them have matured from PA’s into professional cameramen, AD’s, actors and other skilled members who can occupy positions within your crew.


We work closely with the Cayman Islands Film Commission

Our Own Films

We started Awesome Productions because we wanted to make films. Over the years we found our commercial niche providing production services, yet we've never stopped producing our own independent films.

Here's a few of them:

As of 2023, we're currently producing the following independent films:

  • Ivan (Short Film)
    a mother

  • The Ocean Heals All Wounds (Short Film)

  • Keep Rolling (Feature Documentary)

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